PureVPN Review of Internet Kill Switch

PureVPN announced a new feature to allow members to kill Internet connection at any time when VPN fails. Normally, when the term “Internet Kill Switch” sounds it applied in a country trying to disable the communication of its citizens. Normally, this would be a country in crisis trying to arrest protesters and opposition groups in the organization. We have seen this happen many times over the years.

PureVPN Internet Kill Switch Review

PureVPN had other goals in mind. Kill a switching device on the Internet was one of the main suggestions of its customers. The idea is that the internet always stop running VPN is disconnected. Whether by accident or when manually shut down the VPN. The same server by changing locations. Stop button on the Internet until you connect to another server of PureVPN.

Here is a quick explanation of Uzair Gadit, founder of PureVPN:

“This innovative technology ensures data privacy and security of all users by halting all internet activity when the VPN disconnects. It resumes normal internet activity once the VPN reconnects automatically. “

Start PureVPN Internet Kill Switch

The new feature is easily activated. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open Windows PureVPN marker and click Settings
  2. Operating under Internet Kill Switch screening
  3. Select whether you want the software to redial if the VPN connection drops automatically.
  4. Specify whether to stop or not when the Internet manually fills a VPN connection.

If you want to ensure your privacy anytime your line, then I suggest you check the Internet to stop when performing a manual VPN connection box. Thus, if it is disconnected by accident or by choice, traffic is encrypted. It Has many uses. However to protect the system against hackers those who like file sharing. I’m sure users will love the new facility torrent.

Internet Kill Switch PureVPN feature is currently in beta. All members have free access. They added also some optional accessories that include a firewall and NAT dedicated IP that could be helpful. New members can receive their current offer to save 65% off unlimited VPN service. Prices start at $4.16 per month and on Best VPN Provider you can avail it in $2.91 per month from their PureVPN Review.


Warning: Internet Surfing Habits Are Known To Others!

This is an excellent reason why you need the services of VPN Internet connection is not secure. We usually assume that the Internet is private. Wait a second … any type into a search form is just between us and the office, right? No, because the Internet is technically a network of computers all connected together. For another computer to access through cable connections, DSL or 4G, IP information should negotiate. In addition, ISPs keep track of most of these problems. VPN services will start to look more attractive?

What about built-in Web Anonymous Surfing?

Wait, what about the “anonymous” in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome? This option does nothing to interfere with monitoring and recording. Just delete records from your own computer, so no one will see what you’ve been looking for in their own home. However, nothing can be done about the sending IP address and surf records being stored elsewhere.

VPN provides security and anonymity

When working with VPN technology and services anonymity effectively stops spying and surveillance, while working with a private network. Every time you access the Internet (regardless of how it does), and provided you use a VPN software, you will have a secure connection that can not be violated and that cannot be traced.

What VPN technology can do for you

Actually, the IP VPN randomizes false address associated with your account, and use multiple servers worldwide. VPN technology also allows users to browse any country you want (there is a server). There is no way to accurately track people used to confuse VPN registration. Please note that all VPN services offer totally free internet browsing experience. Some do not allow downloading torrent or file sharing copyrighted material is illegal flight (even if the software is not possession). Some allow this function, for a fee, while others do not.

The best way to choose is to try first

When looking to treat a host VPN, make sure you read the details of what they offer in terms of servers in total, speed limits Mbps bandwidth, and protocols are supported. You can also opt for a trial version of a software VPN! For more information begin reading reviews of top rated web hosting VPN.

A VPN service introduction was only available there. These days VPN has achieved great “as” finger on Facebook, because of government restrictions or FAI.

If you are using software like Utorrent, then you have to read the guides first for your security. Here is the Utorrent VPN Reviews Guide. Before using any kind of torrent client search for it. Because it is very important for your security.

Growing Your Online Privacy With Encryption And VPN Technology

For many Internet security is not a big problem, but if you stop to think about it, you realize that this could be a wrong view. increasing amounts of personal data are transferred or stored online and often this data is quite easy for malware can also benefit from making use of profit and expenses.

The good news is that it must be very difficult to isolate yourself from this type of online threat, especially with some of the technology quality free software available to us. Generally speaking encryption is the ultimate promoter of privacy with regard to the online world. Encryption takes many different forms, but regardless of how it is used is one of the main foundations that are built on a series of measures concerning confidentiality.

If you look at VPNs to improve the security of our data, as it is transported over the Internet, we find the encryption used to create a secure tunnel through which data passes on its way to server VPN service provider. Cart and eCommerce software uses all the technology Secure Sockets Layer encryption to protect our credit card information when purchasing products. Sites that require the user to enter more technology and implementation of SSL.

In the area of data storage encryption, we found in use in USB flash drives and storage technologies at maximum speed of clouds and encryption tools. All this is very beneficial for consumers and users of technology in a world where unlimited access to the digital data can be detrimental to your financial and personal privacy.

You can easily exploit the power of these technologies for their own benefit by signing a service VPN, encryption, download the free software and learn about practical methods that will provide the best return on their past. Sign up for a VPN and configure your computer to use is actually quite easy. If you are not sure select VPN service provider customers look for popular, established VPN providers. Many provide detailed information to configure the information in the support section of their websites and often there for videos that will demonstrate the steps you need to start.

If you are a frequent traveler is required for VPN Internet service safely on wireless networks often dangerous. Another excellent tool for the traveler is encryption software for the entire unit, which will help protect the contents of your hard drive laptop, stolen or even if it is possible to look for.

Whatever methods of research to improve their privacy online, remember that prepares for the future did not want to be after something unfortunate happens with important data.

Best VPN provider – The Key To Navigate Safely

VPN stands for virtual private network and a large number of service providers offering this service. It is widely used by the organization to provide remote access to a secure network organization. Imagine doing office work at home and will need to access the files on your desktop, in a situation as if the computer has VPN and your personal computer is configured to connect to it, you can access all files on desktop computer without having to worry about the security of data transmitted via the World Wide Web.


This service is also winning organizations to hide the IP address of systems that are connected to the Internet. With this service, users can surf the World Wide Web in secret and can also access, location services restricted.

Most users of the World Wide Web are not able to enjoy the Internet without restrictions. For example, some of them are facing problems related to restricting or blocking online services such as TV streams, Skype, VoIP, etc… However, VPN can solve these problems that users may advantage of social networking and other sites.

Overall, Wi-Fi access points are not many people uninsured and many are used in common places, without being aware of its unsecured nature. Pirates near these hot spots can retrieve and play back personal information used as IDs e-mail, passwords, chat messages, etc… However, the Best VPN Provider services are able to provide 100% navigation guaranteed.

Generally, these services provide an account providers VPN clients and many of them make it easy for users to get the benefits of VPN and offer this service, a user-friendly interface so you can use without any difficulty. Now it is possible to obtain a curiosity on how to use the service VPN and make use of this service to connect computer systems in the office or the connection system in your home and office or connecting multiple operating systems various branches of the organization. The first thing to do is contact the best VPN provider that has a good experience to provide this type of service.

Checklist of International Travel: Non-essential Basics

If you’re like most travelers who have experienced the terrible feeling that we all strive to avoid sitting, back straight plate-like board table expands and almost touching the sternum aboard a long international flight somewhere.

International Travel 2

Did I forget to pack a thing?

It makes no sense now, of course. Your bag is already deep into the belly of the plane, and that’s never going to remember for sure if he remembered one thing suitcases sitting at a desk next to the computer.

With this sense of panic in mind, I decided to compile the top list of the essential elements that I or my friends forgot for many years. The following list of International Travel verification contains elements that are removed from the accident or not think, first, that also happens to be the most advantageous to have when traveling abroad.

The essential features of what you need to bring on a trip abroad are pretty obvious, so I will not waste time stating the obvious (except at this time) to pack appropriate clothing for the weather or the entry visa, so they will not be sent to where it comes from. But please do not forget any of these two elements, either.

I checked the list in countless long and short trips abroad to find items that are most precious to keep in environments and complex, and pamper yourself in any foreign country, you are.

So if you’re getting ready to head abroad for a long period of time (usually more than you can, to be a little uncomfortable and people with disabilities), the following list of international verification travel is yours, check for optimal training.

Introducing … Checklist International Travel

  1. No-Fee ATM card (with travel alert)

If you’ve ever spent any time in changing the currency in the money changers in a foreign country, you can understand why Jesus overturned the tables further in Herod’s temple in Jerusalem a few years ago. Nothing says vacation quite like the exotic hang, money changers semi positions lamentable aspect.

Any situation involving it in the area where a lot of money, as you know, standing around like a foreigner alone, looking confused and a little lost … the situation, which should not be. Assuming you get not choose -pocketed a thief happens is likely to be equally taken changer not understand the exchange rate.

I have been here. It is better to change the hard cash in our destiny that charges outrageous ATM payment, designed to squeeze aliens, right?

It is no longer the case. Now there is a solution and this free. Charles Schwab Investor realizing current debit card will be reimbursed for any ATM charges incurred when traveling abroad in the world (or at home in the US, I might add). And no, you do not have to “invest” money with Charles Schwab to get through. There may be others out there, but I found this hard to beat. As an added bonus, it comes with a built-chip international recognition. For obvious reasons, this is one of the most versatile elements of our list of international travel.

  1. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

If you have not noticed by now, the world out there is not as free as we are lucky to be in the West. In the US, it is generally used unrestricted access to the Internet, but also in many other countries, there are significant barriers that can be accessed via the Internet. Great Firewall of China is the most important to restrict their activities on the Internet (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many applications are not available in China) effort, but many other governments to block Web sites that do not meet their approval in one way or other.

In addition, many websites live streaming, you can enjoy at home, like Hulu, Netflix, Pandora and others are also available abroad.

The best solution is to get a secure virtual private network (VPN), which allows you to pretend you’re still in the free world. They usually cost less than $ 10 a month, but do not use free version, free VPNs are not secure. (Here are the Top Best VPN Provider serivces list.)

  1. The Universal Adapter Plug

You get to a hotel, hostel or BnB air in a faraway land, exhausted and with a phone or laptop batteries at an extremely low level. You grab the charger and try to connect it to the wall when he realizes outputs are not designed to accommodate your fork. (Here is the latest price of this Universal Adapter Plug)

We like to be connected (most of the time), in particular, to let everyone know that we arrived safely at our destination. This is a simple, easy and cheap to fix. Before you go, find a universal travel adapter with some variations depending on which country it is. You may still find one in your country, but the quality is likely to be lower, and you probably will not find any transaction.

Of all the items on our list of international tourist checking, I found that this is the highest point, but important, since all electronic components that carry around these days.

  1. International Driving License

Despite some of the lowest levels of the distribution of a driver’s license, driving the rights of the United States it is considered worldwide as a positive affirmation of your ability to drive a car. Strange, but I’ll complain.

Due to the fact that this is a fairly simple for Americans with a driver’s license to obtain an international driving license in most countries process. A triple somehow becomes an internationally recognized distributor of these licenses. Fortunately, there is no requirement that I have found, in addition, to paying 15USD and provide two passport-size photographs.

Pro tip: If you are traveling on motorcycles or motorbikes at the final destination of the police in this country, you may need to do additional certification motorcycle license to drive the actual US .

  1. The device e-reader / tablet

I am biased in favor of paper books, but as a traveler, it is important to have more convenient (read: easy) options. Since we only have so many pounds or kilograms that can be free without having to pay extra charges for luggage, which reduces the dead weight of bound copies of Harry Potter is a hit.

Having a good book to read is a big plus when traveling abroad. You probably have a lot of downtimes and books are a great way to connect back to its native environment, where culture shock or sheer boredom set in.

For less than $ 100, you can get a decent e-book reader and a couple of books to start. Packing.

  1. backpack size several nights

Bad news for travelers without preparation of the West, not all countries in the world for wheelchairs and equipped with running escalators, elevators, or even at the level of the pavement. If you are traveling in less developed countries, which are going to learn quickly in order not to lose sight of some new things while walking. It is this mysterious liquid wetting apartment, shops, factories or aerial walkways with potholes the size of bowling balls, and all broken.

Therefore, his pants fantasy wheeled suitcases 360 degrees, which are very convenient for the West are a complicated exercise in many foreign countries. If you try rolls around, you are responsible for breaking clean the steering wheel or break an arm, trying to maneuver. The backpack can not be elegant or most of the business, but you will be happy that you have it when you leave the subway to see the giant six-story escalator that does not move.

  1. Power

Are you a businessman, or simply want to be prepared in case disaster strikes or inconvenience while traveling, proven power of representation can be a great asset. With the help of a trusted agent at home, you can save a costly trip back home or a complex trip (and sometimes equally expensive) to the nearest embassy.

Not much in these days that require a wet signature, but some of the most important legal and business documents so far. Having a family member or close friend with the ability to sign documents on your behalf you can save all kinds of time and trouble. At least, this is a convenient way of doing things that would otherwise defer returning.

  1. Cheap Phone Torch

Not because you’re an international spy (Or, perhaps, you are ..), but based SIM cheap and reliable phone can make your conversion in a foreign country much easier. In case you do not know how almost every country there are a number of different mobile phone providers SIM-based, and many of them are subsidized to make it cheaper they’re probably used to.

The cards are relics of the past and are a great advantage for you to be able to give a new business or personal contact with a local number where you can be reached. The SIM card is incredibly cheap in most countries (I found for only $ 5), and feel a little more adapted to local figures.

Pro tip: Do not forget your passport when you go to a wireless store since most countries require a valid for the purchase of the SIM card identity.

  1. Fancy supplements, We All Love

You know what. Essential oils 10 000% of the daily value of vitamin capsules and mix the protein powder or any other big product used to stay healthy and look good, especially a phenomenon of the West. Even many toiletries high quality as facial scrubs, lotions, and hair care are difficult to find in many countries. Sometimes we take for granted the fact that we have access to the absolute latest health supplements and largest known to man, and quite cheap.

As a general rule, it is assumed that any health supplement or beauty product that you have been released in the last five years is not likely available where it goes. While you can find a lot of things in specialized stores, Expat, you’ll pay through the nose and can worsen export version. Our advice: Pack of some of your favorite essential elements supplements and cosmetics and wait to buy the basic things (deodorant, toothpaste) when you arrive. If you have a special preference for the same, in this case, you can carry with you. Staying healthy and looking your best is a need for international travel list.

  1. Credit cards with a great rewards program

Another card? Yes. And last but not least, consider getting no-annual-fee credit cards without the great rewards program. If traveling abroad, it is likely to be spending a few dollars for accommodation, airline tickets, and more. Get some of your investment back in the form of cash or travel rewards depending on how the air miles.

It is important to use responsibly, however. And if you have any problems with the payment of bills in full as soon as they fall due, which is essentially irrelevant to our Checklist Travel International is probably not for you. If you decide to get one, try to find one that rejects foreign operating costs.

Pro tip: Cash is still king in most countries around the world, but the most common credit cards are Visa and MasterCard, which tend to have lower trading fees are accepted.


Take A Look At The Characteristics Of A Good VPN Service

Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables secure transmission of data over a WAN, such as the Internet. The network ensures confidentiality by tunneling over public networks by encrypting all transmitted data. To enjoy the benefits that come with VPN, you must choose the right VPN service like Pure VPN.

What makes a good VPN service?

There are several factors that make a good VPN service. Here are a few factors:

Protocol: different networks using different protocols such as SSL / TLS, PPTP, IPSec, L2TP and a host of many others. Experts recommend that you should not worry about the type of protocol used because most of them provide a secure connection.

If you run a business that should be a little worried about protocol. To be on the safe side, you should go to a network using IPSec or SSL because they are most common in the business world.

Some policies: Many VPN providers provide the privacy you need to ensure that no one can access the information; However, you should be aware that the network provider can access information at any time.

To protect yourself, you must seek and find a network provider who does not fit in their activities. Enter your details and the terms are often found in the control section; Therefore, you should take the time to read the rules before using a VPN service.

features anti-spyware / anti-malware: Most VPN services will not provide invincibility when downloading corrupt files from the Internet; However, a good service provider should provide anti-spyware or anti-malware to detect and remove viruses before they reach your computer.

There are some providers that offer VPN software, while others do not. To protect your computer, you should go with a provider that offers the service.

Price: many people decide whether to use a particular service based on price. There are two main types of prices: Free VPN subscription.

Although you will not have to pay anything to use free VPN must face many commercials. Free services were also found to have a low commitment to privacy; Therefore lack the confidence to use them.

Paid subscription services, on the other hand, are more serious with your work and pay for the service. Note that service provider varies; Therefore, we should not ignore the survey just because you pay for the service. You should do your research and make sure that the provider is working is the best system for your needs.


These are the characteristics that make a good VPN service. If you are looking for a good VPN service so check this recently updated Review of PureVPN 2016. If you have any questions so feel free to post it on the comment sections.