PureVPN Review of Internet Kill Switch

PureVPN announced a new feature to allow members to kill Internet connection at any time when VPN fails. Normally, when the term “Internet Kill Switch” sounds it applied in a country trying to disable the communication of its citizens. Normally, this would be a country in crisis trying to arrest protesters and opposition groups in the organization. We have seen this happen many times over the years.

PureVPN Internet Kill Switch Review

PureVPN had other goals in mind. Kill a switching device on the Internet was one of the main suggestions of its customers. The idea is that the internet always stop running VPN is disconnected. Whether by accident or when manually shut down the VPN. The same server by changing locations. Stop button on the Internet until you connect to another server of PureVPN.

Here is a quick explanation of Uzair Gadit, founder of PureVPN:

“This innovative technology ensures data privacy and security of all users by halting all internet activity when the VPN disconnects. It resumes normal internet activity once the VPN reconnects automatically. “

Start PureVPN Internet Kill Switch

The new feature is easily activated. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open Windows PureVPN marker and click Settings
  2. Operating under Internet Kill Switch screening
  3. Select whether you want the software to redial if the VPN connection drops automatically.
  4. Specify whether to stop or not when the Internet manually fills a VPN connection.

If you want to ensure your privacy anytime your line, then I suggest you check the Internet to stop when performing a manual VPN connection box. Thus, if it is disconnected by accident or by choice, traffic is encrypted. It Has many uses. However to protect the system against hackers those who like file sharing. I’m sure users will love the new facility torrent.

Internet Kill Switch PureVPN feature is currently in beta. All members have free access. They added also some optional accessories that include a firewall and NAT dedicated IP that could be helpful. New members can receive their current offer to save 65% off unlimited VPN service. Prices start at $4.16 per month and on Best VPN Provider you can avail it in $2.91 per month from their PureVPN Review.


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